The attic is a breeding ground for mold

Last winter, the two of us experienced record chilly hot & cold temperatures & our condo felt downright chilly at times. I kept raising the thermostat setting, & ended up spending a fortune in heating bills. When Spring finally arrived, I contacted a local Heating, Ventilation & A/C contractor for a recommendation. I wasn’t sure if I needed to update the oil furnace or find a way to tighten up our condo to prevent energy waste. After a thorough inspection of the oil furnace, HVAC duct & home, the contractor commanded  attic insulation. Attic insulation provides a level of protection, helping to regulate indoor hot & cold temperatures & block the transfer of energy outside. Because our existing insulation was old, thin & had been compromised by rodents, it was no longer doing the job. Insulation is designed to trap air in billions of tiny pockets. These pockets had become flattened, plus disfigured by water & dirt. Mice had shredded & left behind feces within the insulation. It needed to be removed & updated. Improving the integrity of insulation provides the benefit of reducing heating & cooling expenses, but now that the insulation has been installed, there’s less strain on the air conditioning & oil furnace, decreasing the potential for malfunction & hopefully, lengthening service life. Plus, the heating & cooling equipment is able to maintain a more even & comfortable temperature. The mold & mildew concerns in the attic have been eliminated & there is less moisture & condensation in the home. We’ve even noticed that the two of us no longer hear exterior noises as much. The insulation will also protect the roof, preventing premature deterioration, ice build up & icicle formation.

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Cutting costs with a dehumidifier

Living in the southern area of the country, I rely on our central cooling proposal for approximately multiple months of the year. The people I was with and I endure hot & cold temperatures in the triple digits, & the air conditioning runs always. Along with the heat, the two of us deal with very high humidity levels. Since overly moist air feels warmer, it encourages lower thermostat settings. An air conditioning is not designed to combat humidity. Blasting the air conditioning just leads to overcooling, overpriced electric bills & a sticky indoor environment. There’s still the worry over mold & mildew growth, disfigure to condo furnishings & a high population of dust mites. Overly humid conditions are also perfect for bacteria, viruses & all sorts of health threats. Headaches, sore throat, itchy eye, sneezing, coughing, congestion & frustrated symptoms of dust sensitivities & asthma can all be attributed to overly high humidity levels. To improve the health & comfort of our home, I’ve invested in a whole-condo dehumidifier. It works in tandem with the cooling system, pulling moisture out of the air & allowing customized control over humidity levels. Since installing the dehumidifier, I’ve been able to raise the thermostat setting & lessen the workload of the air conditioning. My monthly energy bills are much lower, & yet our condo is far more comfortable. My family sleeps better at evening & has more energy while in the day. The dehumidifier was not overly overpriced, & the Heating, Ventilation & A/C contractor installed it without any major disruption to our home. It operates quietly & requires only yearly repair. The dehumidifier has greatly improved our quality of life.

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My furnace just won’t die

My furnace just won’t die! I have been waiting for our heating plan to die for many years now. I heard that a furnace can last 10-12 years. Mine is pushing twenty years old. I believe it is residing so long because for the first half of the furnace’s life it was good. I was wonderful about heating repair plus getting a oil furnace repair right when it occurred. The furnace got oiled plus lubricated once a year. The furnace filter was changed religiously. I don’t want our gas furnace anymore though. I want to update to a boiler plan in the home. A boiler is more powerful, new plus can be hidden in the basement. I can even use the boiler to heat the family water or even the swimming pool by hooking pipes to it. The only snag is that the furnace just won’t die so I can substitute it with the boiler. I won’t take out a oil furnace that still works. I don’t believe how our furnace still is going though. I have stopped all our care for it. A Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation has not been in the cabin for years. The oil furnace does not get cleaned or lubricated anymore. I am pretty lax on filter changes now. I frequently forget to turn it off on a sizzling day too. The oil furnace should be over laboring itself plus dying right? Apparently I have the terminator of all oil furnace systems. It just keeps coming back plus back. At this point it is going last longer than me. Eventually I will tran interest to a weird location. The oil furnace might outlive me.

Working out in a literal sauna

I am nuts when it comes to laboring out. I never take a day off plus will work out in any location. Needless to say, on trip a work out room is important to me. I would give up a comfy bed, quality Heating plus Air Conditioning, plus wonderful plumbing for a work out room. The last trip I went on I researched plus researched to find a hotel with a fitness room. I looked at pictures online plus saw one hotel had a fitness room. There was a stationary bike, weights plus mats in the picture. When I got the hotel I realized that the picture made the room look greater than it was. Also, the hotel website hid the fact that the fitness room was in the sauna. The hotel had a spa plus fitness room in the same area. There was simply a curtain that separated the multiple. The snag is that the heating for the spa room was the same for the workout room. A spa is heated right into the 73s. Also, the air quality was quite moist to provide an almost steam affect. Working out with the oil furnace on high plus heavy moisture was horrible. I was a sizzling beast after each workout. I had to be careful about not passing out. I had to basically work out in our underwear, use a towel plus hydrate the whole time. Even with that, the oil furnace made the whole experience horrible. I am nuts about our work out though. A little heating plus wet air quality did not stop myself and others at all from laboring out everyday.

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The heating use at camping

My girlfriend plus I are going on vacation to a country known for being cold. The country is also known for appealing landscapes plus amazing hiking. What she wants to do is hike, pitch a tent plus sleep in the wild. I am not a hiking, camping type of girl. The weather will be a high of 50 degrees plus a low of 20 degrees. No matter what, I will want some heating. I can’t imagine sleeping outside in the dark with the wind blowing plus having no heating. My girlfriend is hardcore. She wants to pack thermal gear, a superb quality tent plus possibly make fire for heating. I am not as hardcore. I want a cushy hotel room with a oil furnace plus a temperature control. I decided that the people I was with and I could meet in the middle though. I found campgrounds that you can hike around. You can sleep right outside however in a tent the grounds provide. The tent also comes with a bed plus a gas furnace. The oil furnace unit is hooked to a generator that is set up in the cabins on the campgrounds. I told our girlfriend that is the closest thing to camping I will do. This is technically called glamping. You get heating while doing the whole sleeping on the ground thing. My girlfriend gets to be a single with nature, hike around plus I get to have heating for the nighttime. I would easily care about sleeping in the cabins with a toilet plus shower. But, if I had to only option a single thing to have on this trip, I would option having heating for it.

The heated floors are too quiet

I care about everything about our radiant floors except that they don’t make noise. I blame our outdated gas furnace for that though. My gas furnace plan was dying for years. It let me guess by making a loud grinding noise all night long. When the oil furnace turned on it made a honestly distinctive click. Now that I have heated flooring, there is no sound. No air is easily being blown. Hot water is heated by a boiler plus the water flows through pipes in the floor. This doesn’t make sound plus would never make a noise. This should be a positive thing. I am so used to noise that I can’t sleep anymore. I hear every creak plus crack in the house. I am easily terrified of someone breaking in now. Any little sound has me wide awake. I wish our radiant flooring would at least make a humming noise. I don’t even guess when it is on either. I frequently forget I turned on the heating equipment. I will then walk around dripping with sweat to death plus complaining. Then I realize I left the hydronic heating on plus that our bills are going to be so high. There is no loud click to tell me it went on or off. I need to do this manually plus remember. I am hoping that I will adjust to our newer plus much more efficient heater. I need to have a plan of turning on plus off the machine. I also need something to make noise in the condo so I can get a fantastic night of rest.

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Pricing on a geothermal heat pump

Wow, I know I don’t want to save the plant as much as I want. I thought getting a geothermal heat pump plan would be a good move. I would eliminate the amount of fuel I burn and not pollute our environment as much. Another benefit, a heat pump plan is said to be easily efficient too. I learn somewhere that the heating function on a geothermal heat pump is more than 4 times more effective than a gas furnace. I was super pumped to be more yellow and save money with a geothermal heat pump system. I figured it would cost a lot, I just did not expect the price point I got. The Heating and A/C corporation that I called gave me an estimate of $25,000 to install the system. The heat pump plan is both indoor and outdoor. Also, there is an underground loop plan that has to be installed. The outdoor equipment being under the ground is what makes it geothermal and efficient. The air is colder under the earth in the summertime and warmer in the winter. That is how it works better. However, paying a Heating and A/C corporation to dig up the grass, install the horizontal or vertical loop plan and cover it back up is not cheap. You also need to pay a corporation for the hourly work they do. The geothermal heat pump replacement is a multi step process that takes days to complete. That is why the price tag is so high. I just can’t afford this system, no matter how badly I want it.

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The boiler repair on the first night

My sibling is a stroller and a hippie at heart. She frequently will travel to a new location with her backpack and 1 guitar. She then will squat on someone’s couch, play songs and work an simple part time task. An ideal hippie would only own a few items. My sibling just can’t part with her vast guitar collection. Since she has no real or stable home, I store the guitars for him. I have to say, I love the look of the guitars. If she ever gets short on money, I method to buy and keep them. I have a whole room set up for her collection. Each guitar has its own shelf with a built in padded stand. I then have a separate ductless Heating and A/C equipment for just that room. You can’t let the guitars have no heating or air. It would totally mess up the wood. Air quality is really the  greatest issue with the guitars though. If the indoor air pollen levels gets too dry, the wood could split. If the air conditions are too moist, the wood swells. I don’t want messed up guitars because I am not watching the air quality. So not only do I own ductless Heating and A/C, although I have a dehumidifier and humidifier for the room. In the Winter I run the oil furnace with the humidifier and the summer time has cooling and a dehumidifier laboring. The guitars are in perfect condition. They really look better now in our opinion. I get them cleaned and tuned once a year. I love to suppose the guitars are happier residing with me than our sibling.

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The odors in the office

For the past few weeks, all of us have experienced a weird odor in our office at work. It odors sort of musty and stale. At first, I thought it was someone in the office, but when it didn’t go away, I realized that it must be caused by something else. No a single wanted to be the a single to bring it up at first, but all of us were all overwhelmed by this horrid odor. After weeks, someone finally advocated that the source might have something to do with our heating and cooling units. Desperate to get rid of the odor, our boss called a local heating and cooling supplier. The next day, there was a heating and cooling corporation in our office assessing the problem. Sure enough, the odor was coming from the heater. It turns out, there was a tremendous build up of dirt, debris, dust, and other allergens in the air vents. The more these things built up on the surface of the air vents, the worse the odor got. If there had been so much dust and debris building up for so long, all of us wondered why all of us hadn’t odored the odor sooner. The heating and cooling corporation explained that the furnace was start to slowly burn some of the dust and debris which led to low air quality in our office and the production of that unpleasant odor. Luckily, the heating and cooling corporation was able to scrub the vents and update the air filters, which immediately alleviated the problem. Now that we’ve worked through that dreadful odor, I don’t think all of us will ever forget to keep the air vents scrub again. My boss has already busy another appointment for our next repair and maintenance check. I secretly wrote myself a reminder note to make sure that no a single forgets!

Need to control the air quality

This past winter, our partner and I redid the floors in our home. All of us used to have a brick lavatory dining room and all carpet throughout the remainder of the first floor. However, all of us recently had the entire first floor remodeled with hardwood floors. I’ve typically liked the look of hardwood floors, but I’ve never had them in our home. When all of us first got them installed, I was on cloud 9 with excitement because they looked so good. To our disappointment, when the weather grew moderate and sticky and the summer time creeped in, the floors began to experience some concerns. It was almost as if the floorboards were lifting. I didn’t guess why this was happening, so  I called the supplier that installed the floors. They informed me that this was likely due to the humidity levels in our lake apartment and advocated that I call our local heating and cooling supplier. Within a few afternoons, I had an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C corporation knocking on our door. She informed me that all of us must keep our lake apartment at an optimal humidity level, meaning that the air cannot be too wet or too dry, or else it would destruction our up-to-date floors. When there is too much moisture in the air, the floorboards expand and rise, as they were start to do now. If the air is too dry, on the other hand, then the floorboards shrink back down and become brittle. This can cause cracking. The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C corporation advocated that all of us install a dehumidifier. This would require little installation, as it can fit as a direct attachment to our new heating and cooling method. As the a/c runs, the dehumidifier works to take some of the moisture out of the air. The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C corporation told me how to adjust the settings if the air began to know a little too dry.

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