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Big cross country trips around the world are a lot of great times as well as a superb way to see new things like landscapes, people, food and weather. For example, in 1 state in particular, you can feel the highest as well as lowest points in one hour driving. You can also experience the increasing temperatures all in 1 afternoon. It’s neat that in certain areas you can go on a ski lift 1 day as well as hit the sand and surf in the next. All the different weather patterns also means all kinds of new phenomena happens likes hurricanes, tornadoes, or windstorms. You also are in places that have droughts, monsoons as well as wildfires. Being from 1 section, like in the south, you actually can enjoy other parts of the country that have cooler, drier climates. Other places, like in the north, you can forward to warming up as well as the snow going away for a minute or two. Because the weather as well as patterns vary a ton across the state lines, each area has varying heater as well as a/c needs. To give an example, in the warmer parts, central heat as well as air is typically used as well as it is an almost necessity. Most homes have some form of cooling control as well as heating to handle those extreme highs as well as lows in temperature. But in cooler regions, you may not even own an a/c device; as well as instead of central heating, you may have a sizable boiler or furnace or your own gas heater to heat your apartment or house. In some parts of the world, the local eateries as well as businesses have changed from central HVAC to ductless.

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Road trips across the United States are a lot of fun and a great way to experience different cultures, see a wide variety of landscapes, and experience weather of all kinds. For example, in one state in particular, you can feel the highest and lowest temperatures all in one day. It’s amazing that in certain areas you can go snow skiing one day and surfing the next. All the different climates also means all kinds of natural phenomena likes hurricanes, tornadoes, snow storms, droughts, and wildfires. Being from one area, such as the south, you really can appreciate other parts of the country and cooler, drier climates. Other regions, like the north, look forward to warming up and the snow melting. Because the weather and climate vary drastically across the country, each region has varying heating and cooling needs. For example, in the south, central heat and air is common and almost a necessity. Most homes have some form of air conditioning and heating to cope with the drastic highs and lows in temperature. But in northern regions, you may not even have an air conditioning unit; and instead of central heat, you may have a large furnace or space heaters to heat your apartment or house. In some parts of the country, the local restaurants and businesses have changed from central air to large individual room air conditioners. They work great to keep the rooms cool when needed but don’t require as much installation. In my opinion though, nothing beats a good central heating and cooling system that you can control with a simple dial.

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I will be taking a trip with my mother to a foreign country that is much colder than we are used to. I’ve warned her multiple times about the cold there, but she doesn’t believe it. She insists on packing t-shirts, shorts and swim wear even though I tell her that she will need warmer clothes. I will be keeping warm in the iciness of that country in my long sleeves, pants and hiking gear.  It’s extremely windy there and the skies are usually grey, but no matter what I tell my mom she doesn’t believe it. She doesn’t think an entire country could not have A/C, but there really is no need for it when the temperature stays below sixty. It’s mainly in the forties all year long. The rental car we have only has heat, there is no A/C in it either. As do all the hotels, ours has a separate gas heater that only increases the temperature in the room. Each restaurant has its own way of keeping warm air flowing, but she doesn’t see how that’s possible. I think she envisions warm afternoons where air conditioning is required. Since I have visited there before, I know that is not the case. She might be onto something though. With all that heat everywhere we go, she might be more comfortable than me! I bet she wouldn’t want to spend much time outside in the street, though.

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Whatever the latest workout fad, rest assured my neighbor Pam will get hooked on it.  She was into spin classes, zumba and now it’s hot yoga. When she asked me to try it, I totally misunderstood what it was, assuming hot yoga meant yoga poses that were sexy. I have never tried yoga, but was always curious. It didn’t matter if the poses were sexy or not, it might be fun after all. Come to find out, hot yoga means the temperature inside is turned up while you work out, and the heat is meant to help get the toxins out of your body. The temperature is cranked up above 85 degrees while you do a series of poses. Apparently the heating helps you stretch and relax better, but not for me. I hated it. I don’t really understand yoga either. Why would you just stretch and hold poses when you could do some cardio? I like getting my heart pumping and a good sweat on. I like feeling as if I’m accomplishing something when I exercise. I don’t like that hot yoga fakes a great workout. The heat does all the work, making you slick with sweat. Afterwards you feel like you worked out harder than you did because of how much you’ve sweat. It is all fake though. You did not create the sweat, the heat did. There is no talking to Pam about this, she is loving that yoga class. I tried to explain to her that she could literally do it for free at home in front of the space heater. Apparently it wouldn’t be the same.

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When my fiance and I first got married, we lived on a really thought out budget.  We decided to buy a cute small house on a nice piece of land by the beach. Because the house was so small, it was really straight-forward to maintain and keep clean.  I was able to disinfect and scrub the entire house in under an hour. We spent really little on our yearly heating and cooling bills for the small home. As we had more children, the house became too small and cramped.  We’d added three children, two cats plus a hamster, and really needed to put on an addition. We decided to build an additional space to the house which would provide three more bedrooms plus a full family room. Figuring out how to handle the temperature control was a challenge.  The existing house is heated and cooled by a central forced air system, which relies on air duct. We considered extending the air duct to the addition, however this would have been a sizable, costly and labor-intensive process for our family. Plus, my husband doubted the new furnace and a/c were capable of handling the extra square footage.   After consulting with our favorite local Heating and A/C business, my fiance and I chose a ductless mini-split to provide both heating plus cooling. There is a single outdoor component which links to an indoor air handler installed in each room. The separate air handlers allow zoned heating/cooling, which means that each room can be set to an independent temperature.  We avoid heating or cooling empty rooms, and the older kids can tailor comfort to their preferences. I like that the ductless system is compact, quiet and charmingly energy efficient. It has been the perfect solution, providing ideal temperature all year round, separate from costing us a fortune.

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It took me ten years to save up enough for a thirty percent down payment on an historic, commercial building on General Street.  While the building was rather rundown, it provided a brick exterior, immense beautiful windows, plenty of parking plus a good location downtown.  My goal was to open a bookstore and bakery, where people would look forward to spending a few hours hanging out, reading a book or simply enjoying time with friends.  Along with the cost of the building, I invested a tremendous amount of money into renovations, a reading room component and furnishings. My grand opening was planned for the first weekend in August, and I had everything ready.  The day before, the weather rose into the mid nineties with excessive humidity. Up until that point, I’d simply needed to open the windows and doors to receive a fresh cool breeze. With all of the construction dust floating around, I had not even considered starting up the air conditioner.  Unfortunately, when I finally turned the temperature control down and expected the cooling system to begin working, nothing happened. I hoped this was just an issue with the temperature control or the Heating, Ventilation and A/C air filter, but none of our efforts made any difference. By the time I contacted a local Heating, Ventilation and A/C professional, I was in a panic.  I absolutely couldn’t open our bookstore without a properly working air conditioner. I prayed that they could come immediately, the Heating, Ventilation and A/C professional agreed to come straight over. I provided him a lifetime supply of free Sprite if he could get the air conditioner running within the next two hours. I was lucky that the problem was simply caused by a lack of thorough cleaning of the ducts.  An accumulation of contaminants, including the construction debris, was blocking airflow.


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Learning about your HVAC heating and cooling system is important. Knowing about your HVAC system can save you money.  It can also help provide quality to your environment. Everyone knows to change the filter. Having a qualified HVAC specialist maintain the HVAC unit is also a no brainer.  But there are additional dynamics concerning your HVAC system. Simply leaving the thermostat left in the ON position can change the environment. When the thermostat is left in the ON position, the fan runs continuously.  This simple mistake changes the humidity level in your house. I didn’t realize how much that can affect the entire house. The humidity rises which then allows mold to grow. When the thermostat is in the AUTO position, the fan only runs during cooling cycles.  This setting allows the A/C to reduce the humidity levels. EPA suggests the humidity level to be kept between 30% to 50%. This level discourages mold growth. Additionally, dust mites do not proliferate at lower humidity levels. I didn’t realize how important maintaining proper humidity levels can be to the quality of the air.  Proper HVAC operation can help maintain the humidity. I have even considered using a dehumidifier to work in conjunction with the heating & cooling system. Simple understanding of your HVAC operation can lessen impact on the wallet. Knowing how the HVAC operates at its best can add to the quality of your life. So, do yourself a favor, take two hours to do some research on how your HVAC unit operates.  I can almost guarantee you will find useful tips that will help you. Those tips will also help extend the life of your HVAC system.

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I am cooling off quite easily

I made an offer for a whole house a few weeks back and the seller’s agreed! So, now for the first time ever I am under a bill of sale for a new home. The realtor that I am working with told me that I should get a home inspection, which does include an HVAC inspection. HVAC is 1 of the most costly items in the home, so it makes good sense to make sure the ac equipment, heating technology, and air ducts are in working order before you commit to buying a home. Devin and I just got the results today, and needless to say, I am absolutely at a loss for words! The write-up from the inspector says that the a/c is not good at cooling, the AC is leaking water from the air handler into the living room. The machine is also considered “ineffective” and “damaged.” The outdoor unit of the a/c is running real good. The owner of the home says that the air cooling machine was just looked after and that the freon levels has been recently substituted; but, the AC is absolutely old. It might have a crack or leak in it though and I am concerned that the owner isn’t being totally truthful with me. I know I need to find out whether or not the damage is significant enough to get a repair done on it. The one thing that I don’t want to do is get a home and then have to immediately substitute the total air conditioning unit.

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There are several different air filters out there for the HVAC system! Your air filter can emphasis air quality or just take care of the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C unit. The air conditioner filter can be reusable or disposable.  You also can decide what type of material the cooling system filter is made out of. Obviously, all models have benefits and cons. It is up to the homeowner to figure out their home needs. A HEPA filter has smaller holes in it. This means more dust is trapped in the filter before it goes into the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system.  The con is then with the smaller holes, the HEPA filter needs to be changed every two weeks without fail.. It is also more costly than the other air filter models. I recently tried a washable air filter. This filter is meant to be used 2-3 times. The air filter also lasts around a month before you need to clean it. So that means I would get more or less a months worth of work out of a single air filter. I thought I was being so smart with this filter. No, it was not the best filter for air quality or the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C, although I believed that it would work.  The main issue I actually had with this filter was the tedious cleaning process. According to the instruction, you take out the filter & scrub it under water. It sounds so easy. The process was way more involved. I had to rip it out of the vent, remove the metal coil, get a special tool to clean it, and then set everything back up again. It took me over an hour to do it!

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I take karate lessons several days a week. For the entire lesson I just pray that I will not have to ground fight. The lesson incorporates kicks, hand strikes, self defense and cardio, also, the martial arts professor teaches us ground fighting. I take our class with several really handsome guys. I prefer using the holding pads and kicking with them. I prefer wrapping my arms around them in a fake choke, rolling around on the floor is too much contact. The reason is because of how much I sweat. The lesson is high intensity, and the martial arts professor does not have air conditioning in the school, since I work out strictly with AC, my body is not used to this.   With no cooling, I just sweat buckets. Usually it’s not a big deal though. I wear all dark clothes, coat myself in body spray and I do my hair real cute. If the two of us get down on the ground, it is obvious how gross I fell. I am hoping to at least get a date with one of them. Who wants to date the girl with crotch and horrible boob sweat? There is no way for me to sweat less. The martial arts professor has mentioned getting A/C before. I hope every month that has had it installed, or at least that the two of us have mastered the ground fighting style. No such luck with either of these though. At least once a month I have to get one of the handsome guys between my sweat dripping legs, and their face in my sweaty boobs. It is real wet, smelly and awkward for all of us.

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