My HVAC professional was able to seal the ductwork leaks

It didn’t take long for me to realize that I had leaks coming from my ductwork.

I could feel the heat coming from small holes and I knew there was a problem. I thought I should be able to fix the holes with duct tape, but I was wrong. I had to call the HVAC company and hire a professional HVAC technician to work on the ductwork. The first thing she did was to find exactly where the holes were. He told me that he was going to use a process called Aeroseal. He was first going to seal off all of the air vents and blow pressurized air into the ducts. The air was filled with the Aeroseal which is air filled with adhesive polymer particles. As the Aeroseal flowed through the ductwork, it would try to escape through the holes and cracks. The particles would stick to the edges of the holes and it would soon form a seal. I didn’t need to worry about a lot of mess in my home and there was no odor. I was surprised at how well the Aeroseal was able to fix the many small holes and cracks in my ductwork. Even the smallest of leaks are able to take away a lot of the heat from the house. I had rooms that were not as well heated or air conditioned as other rooms. The HVAC tech told me that I was losing about 20% of heat and air conditioning into the crawlspace in the walls and floors. I’m glad I called when I did.
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Our mini split is all we could ask for

I don’t know if you realize how convenient the installation or how energy efficient, ductless mini split really is.

The mini split requires a three-inch hole in an exterior wall that connects the outdoor mini split unit to the indoor mini split unit with conduit.

The outdoor ductless mini split needs to be located as close to room you plan on installing heating and air conditioning into. There isn’t any ductwork for a mini split unit. Without ductwork, you are already saving nearly 30% of your energy. The heat pump is another type of heating system that can save you a lot of energy because of not needing ductwork. There is no length of pipe between the heating system and the air vent where the heat is coming from. This means there is no place for the heated or cooled air to escape from. Another plus for the ductless mini split is how space saving it is. You don’t need to take up wall or floor space for the ductwork. There are no big heating or air conditioning unit taking up space in a basement or outside. The mini split takes up a small amount of space and it sits high on the wall. This means there are no air vents to distribute the heated or cooled air and you don’t need to worry about the placement of furniture. The ductless mini split also comes with inverter technology. The inverter technology means the fan is always switching to adjust to the amount of heat or cold that is outside so you don’t need to continually reset your thermostat for comfort.


Duct cleaning

We had a building and a HVAC contractor

My fiance and I had all of the plans to have our home built.

I was still looking at the size of the rooms and the placement of the garage and windows.

I wanted larger bathrooms and closets and I had my own idea of where and what kind of cabinets I wanted in the kitchen. I was so concerned with how the inside of the house would look that I completely forgot about the HVAC system we have in the house. It wasn’t until the HVAC contractor called to ask us about the installation of a new HVAC system that we thought anything about it. He wanted to set up a consultation so we could get the right size and style of heating and air conditioning that we wanted. Our appointment was set up for two days later. We knew how expensive it could be for heating and air conditioning because we depended on one or the other for more than eight months a year. We wanted a good thermostat and a HVAC system that was going to be efficient in energy use. She told us that we needed to consider how loud the HVAC unit would be and where we would need the air vents and the thermostat. There was so much to think about that my mind was boggled. We looked at a good HVAC system where I didn’t need to have ductwork. We were still afforded the ability to have Zone Control and without the ductwork, we didn’t need to worry about unnecessary dust and debris build-up. .

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No heat for the weekend

I understand that when you have a problem with your furnace, it is necessary to call the HVAC company to have it repaired.

Around Christmas, I knew my furnace was making a lot more noise than normal. I had been working long hours and I was busy trying to make a life for my young sons. I knew I should have called the HVAC company long before I had, but I couldn’t afford to do it right away. I guess I was like an ostrich with my head in the sand, sitting there just waiting for the furnace to fix itself. I was praying the furnace would just last for the rest of winter, but my prayers weren’t answered this time. The temperatures were dropping steadily and it was getting closer to Christmas. I was constantly upping the temperature and yet it was cold in my home. It was a Saturday night that my furnace broke and I couldn’t afford to call for after hours service. I waited until Monday morning and I called the HVAC company. They were so backed up that the HVAC company said they wouldn’t be able to send anyone to the house for at least three days. We lived with our coats on and snuggled underneath an electric blanket so we could be warm. The HVAC company showed up on Friday. In the meantime, we were everywhere we could go just to get some heat. My boys spent some time in the arcade and I was drinking a lot of coffee. No one was happy with the long wait, and it was my fault for waiting to call the HVAC company.

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A dirty HVAC system can make you sick

ABout a month ago, I began suffering with an upper respiratory infection.

  • I was getting medication from the drug store and using home remedies, but I still wasn’t feeling better.

No amount of vitamins was helping and I was trying to get more sleep. I had a headache, sore throat, sinus and chest congestion, and my eyes were itchy. I made an appointment for my doctor’s office. I expected him to do a physical exam and to prescribe antibiotics. Instead he started to ask me about my HVAC system. She told me it sounded more like poor air quality than like a virus. I called the HVAC company as soon as I got home. The HVAC tech showed up at my house and did a series of air quality tests, only to find that it was contaminated with mold, mildew, bacteria, dust and dander. It was the high level of contamination that was built up in the HVAC system that was causing my upper respiratory discomfort. It seems that whenever the air conditioning turned on, the contaminants were getting into my breathing air. The HVAC tech was able to get some equipment into my home to clean and sanitize the ductwork. They did a good cleaning of air vents and then tested my air quality again. I’m pretty sure I will need to have an air purifier put into my HVAC system, but for now, I have new heavy-duty air filter that are meant to filter out the contaminants. I can’t believe the difference in how I am feeling since my ductwork has been cleaned.



My new house is a lie

When I got the keys to my home, I felt like the luckiest person in the world.

I had my first home and it was such a steal.

I bought a four bedroom home by the lake. I was anxious to get out of my apartment and I couldn’t believe I found this home so quickly. It was half as much as other homes this size and in this location. I was soon to realize that I didn’t look closely enough at the house, in my haste to find a home quickly. I didn’t do all of the inspection I should have done, and I was willing to trust the realtor on anything she said. I thought the house was perfect, but it didn’t take very long to realize how wrong I was. I was quickly finding out why it was so cheap. I had so many repairs to make and I had to call a plumber to fix the bathroom. There were flickering lights in the ceiling which required an electrician. I also had a problem with the HVAC system. I needed to get the thermostat changed before I moved in and then I realized the ductwork had little holes and cracks all through it. I thought I could fix the ductwork with duct tape, but I was totally wrong. I had to call the HvAC company who brought in a HVAC technician who was an expert in mending the ductwork. He blocked off all of the air ducts and sprayed a certain kind of epoxy inside while under pressure. As the epoxy went through the ductwork it built up in the holes and filled them up. Now I need to worry about the airflow in the air ducts.

Heater maintenance

Where did the odor come from in my air conditioner

My husband and I were prepared to go away on our honeymoon.

We were going to Italy, Germany and France.

We had both saved up all of our vacation time so we could have an extended honeymoon and spending nearly a month travelling. The tickets were bought and all of the expenses were paid for. We had multiple hotels booked and some pretty amazing sight-seeing lined up. I couldn’t wait to leave, but I found that I was just as excited to go home. We had left Buddy home with my sister and I missed our puppy. The moment we got into the house, I could smell something odd. My sister was on her way over with Buddy, but it smelled so bad in the house that I didn’t want him to come home and get sick. I called my sister and told her I thought there was something wrong with the air conditioning. When I turned the aC unit on, it just got more unpleasant in the house. We didn’t want to spend extra money on the HVAC company and we had two days to wait until Monday. We packed up our clothes and headed over to my sisters for the rest of the weekend. On Monday, the HVAC company was there to check out the AC unit. I was shocked to see all of the mold that had built up in the back of the AC unit. He sprayed some antifungal and antimicrobial cleaner in the back of the AC unit. It didn’t take long until the air conditioner was clean and smelling so much better.



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I don’t know if I want a portable AC or a window AC unit

Most of my family couldn’t understand why I did it, but I enjoyed living in my basement apartment. I have been renting a basement apartment for over a year now. I get my rent for free because I house sit while the owner is travelling for work. The only thing I need to pay is a portion of my utilities and I get my internet for free. I think my favorite part of living in the basement is the terrific air conditioning I have in the basement. I have natural insulation and it doesn’t matter how hot or cold it is outside, it is always cool in the basement. The geothermal insulation from the dirt that is built up around the basement, keeps the basement much cooler than a house that is at ground level. The same thing goes for the heating. All I need is a small window air conditioner and it keeps my entire apartment feeling great. I don’t need to worry about the winter either. Earlier this spring I had to decide if I wanted to replace the window air conditioner with a new window air conditioner or if had to decide what kind of heater I wanted. I had been using a space heater, but it broke earlier in the spring. Now I need to decided what air conditioner I want for summer and what I will be using come winter. I can buy a new space heater or I have even considered a ductless mini split HvAC system. I would be covered for both heating and air conditioning.

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The utility spikes are higher during the winter and summer

It took me a long time to finally pull myself together.

  • There was a time when I had no idea how to save money.

I would make out a budget but the money was gone before I was able to even look at the budget that I had forgotten. I would shop hopelessly and try to make up for it when I got paid, but my pay was already gone. I had to borrow money from my mom dad and more often than now. I’m not one bit proud to make that statement. One month, I was able to make my budget and follow it. I was surprised to find that it got a bit easier to follow my budget, the longer time went by. I was watching where most of the money was going and I was surprised to find out that it was being spent on energy costs during the summer and winter. This was quite a shocker to me. I couldn’t figure out how to watch my spending budget when a huge amount of my money was going for my HVAC system. I really wanted to figure out how to save money during the summer and winter. The HVAC system had to run because of the extreme cold of winter and the heat of summer. We had to have heating and air conditioning. If I had the thermostat set above seventy-two or below sixty-eight, I was uncomfortable. I will need to do my best no matter what it takes. I’ve got to keep to my budget so I don’t disappoint my parents.

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HVAC troubles require a second opinion

I had worked hard after graduating from college and I had finally earned enough money to buy a house.

My father has always been a font of information. He was quick with support and advice and he has given me an innumerable amount of important information over the years. He instilled confidence in us and over the years we also learned how to work with tools and how to do regular household repairs. I can’t thank my father enough for all that he has taught me over the years. Not just learning how to take care of my home and myself, but I garnered many pieces of advice over the years and the ability to believe in myself. Dad also gave me the courage to follow my heart and to trust my decisions about friends and which school to go to. I know that I am bragging a lot about my dad but he says he couldn’t do any of this without my mom. The two of them gave me advice when it came time to buy a home. I had worked hard after graduating from college and I had finally earned enough money to buy a house. I knew what kind of house I wanted but I didn’t know anything about the HVAC or anything else that should be in the house. My dad told me that I should make sure to have good inspections of the well, sewage and the HVAC system. I should also make sure to have a HVAC company come out be willing to clean the ductwork and the air vents. A good HVAC system was important to having a healthy and happy home.

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