A brand new air conditioner

You literally can’t get a HVAC repair in my town. How odd is that? I bought my gas heater five years ago online and had it delivered to me. I installed the heater myself and perform heating tune ups on my own. I had one year that the heating system just would not turn on. I read online that it is better to have a heating professional handle the repair. The homeowner could accidently make that small HVAC repair turn into a larger one. So I was a good boy and I called the nearest HVAC dealer. The closest HVAC company is over an hour away. I was willing to pay for the drive time though. I talked to the HVAC contractor and he agreed to do my heating repair. The problem was it was the middle of the Winter, his busy time. So he told me he would put  me on a waiting list and get to me as soon as possible. I asked how long he thought I would be without heating, he said no more than a week. It has been around 3 years now, and I still haven’t got the call. I ended up going online and deducing the heater repair on my own. I did it just fine and the heating system seems to work just as good. I have talked to buddies of mine about HVAC though. They all deal with the same thing. No HVAC contractor wants to drive out to do our HVAC tune ups, service or repairs. More money does not seem to motivate them anymore either.