A divorce and the lawyer

I finally figured out that my spouse was running around behind our back with another guy, so I wanted a divorce immediately.  Instead of confronting my spouse directly, I first spoke with an attorney. I wanted to make sure that I followed all of the right procedures to gain maximum benefits from our separation.  My spouse was responsible for quite a bit of debt from starting his own business, and I didn’t want to be held legally responsible for his debts.

            My lawyer was extremely helpful throughout the whole divorce proceeding.  I was surprised, however, by how long it took to finally be legally rid of my spouse.  Because of all of our combined assets, there was a lot of details to handle. Since both of us both wanted the house, this turned into a sizable argument.  For the majority of the process, I didn’t need to do much., since my lawyer simply spoke with our spouse’s lawyer, and then reported back to me. There was a pile of paperwork and expense.

             Paying my lawyer created a drastic drain on our budget.  I was forced to take out a small loan to cover all of the legal fees and pay bills.   I can’t even imagine what a mess we would have been in if there were children involved.  I am simply relieved to have the whole thing over with. We eventually decided to sell the condo and split the income.  There is now no reason to ever associate or deal with our ex-spouse again.

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