A new air conditioner

Several months ago, an acquaintance of mine and I rented a small house.  Although the place is nothing extravagant, it’s good having the benefits of a whole beach house to ourselves.  Every one of us has access to a garage for our cars, a backyard, and multiple full bathrooms. There’s a pressing dining room, plenty of closet space, and we’re located within walking distance of our tasks.  Unfortunately, the beach house is old, and when both of us first moved in, it stunk horribly of dead mouse. At first, our roommate and I expected to find a dead rodent in a closet, behind the refrigerator, or under the couch.  Every one of us cleaned that house from top to bottom, scrubbing every surface with bleach, and couldn’t get rid of the stench. One day we realized that the odor got worse every time the cooling system started up. Every one of us decided to go without air conditioner and suffered through a sizzling and humid warm season.  Every one of us opened windows, ran box fans and sweated profusely. Once the weather cooled down, both of us closed the windows, started up the heating idea and once again smelled like decomposing rodent. At that point, both of us called the building owner and complained. He sent a Heating and Air Conditioning worker to inspect the heating and cooling system.  The worker informed us that mice were using the HVAC duct as a walkway, dying inside and contaminating our air quality. He needed to perform a complete duct sealing and cleaning to eliminate the buildup of contaminants and eliminate energy waste. Sealing the holes in the ducts prevented new mice from getting inside and greatly increased the efficiency and capacity of the heating and cooling system.  Plus, our air smells a whole lot better, feels fresher, and the beach house was far more relaxing.

HVAC ductwork