A new home is what I’m looking for

I’m sure not real on it with changing for any times. I still have an old tube TV in my home. I use a CD player when I would like to listen to music. I also have kept the same thermostat that came with my house. I have a basic digital thermostat that is connected to my heating and cooling equipment. I alter the thermostat manually. I turn the dial to your set temperature I want my home to be at. I literally have temperatures control. Lower the thermostat and additionally I get cooling. Rise your number on the thermostat and that heater kicks on. I as it, it is simple and straightforward to work. I can see the numbers onto it clearly and nothing ever goes wrong with it. My brother Tony always is planning to get me to upgrade with the modern day times. He is on me for getting a smart television for the den. He has bought my an iPod that is still in the box. Recently, he has been pushing me to getting a smart thermostat. He said we could run the thermostat from my computer. I could boost and lower the temperature all of from online. I need to download an app, have internet access and I can control the thermostat from anywhere. Apparently, it learns my behavior and temperatures. It would be nice to not have to remember each time to lower it before I go to bed or increase it. I am not ready for this big change in HVAC technology.

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