Air vents allow a small amount of air

When our hubby brought lake loft a new puppy last year, I was not ecstatic.  The people I was with and I already had 1 pet on our hands & I was the 1 responsible for caring for that 1. I never even wanted that one in the first place, and now I had double the responsibility & didn’t assume how I was going to manage.  One of the toughest things to teach the new little 1 wasn’t to sit or stay, but simply going outside to do his business. Each time he had to go he would happily sit by the door, but, when I opened it for him to pass through he would go to the family room & go potty before I could catch him. The people I was with and I tried puppy pads & that was fine while he was truly little. Still, I knew he understood the concept of going outside, it was just that he just hated to go through the door.  If I did manage to get him outside he pulled and yanked on his leash in the direction of the loft the entire time we were out. I finally figured out his issue one day when I had turned off the indoor air conditioning; our pet did not love to be away from the comfort of the indoor Heating, Ventilation & A/C system. The shrubbery under his feet & the scorching outdoor temperatures did not thrill him nearly as much as AC. I learned the easy way that if you turned off the AC and let the house get hot he would go outside finally. He would just have to get over his need for a/c & carpeted floors when it came to these things.

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