I am satisfied

Last night, I had a very hard time falling asleep. Normally, I drift off in about thirty seconds after putting my head to the pillow, but after almost two hours of tossing and turning last night, I knew something was wrong. I didn’t feel tired, and neither could I get comfortable. It was rather frustrating. This has not happened to me in quite some time. The only experiences I’ve had with difficulty sleeping have been during times of stress. But I wasn’t feeling stressed out last night, so initially, I was puzzled as to why I wasn’t falling asleep. What was worse is that I had to be up extra early the following day. I’d gone up to bed at my usual time, had my pillows in their usual spot, and even put my body in its normal position. I should have been able to fall asleep, but did not. I tried drinking some water, then I sat up for a long time. It was all useless! I resorted to turning down the thermostat several degrees. When the air conditioning is cold, I usually feel relaxed under my blankets. So after a little while, I could feel the room get colder as the air conditioning took effect. I snuggled under my blankets, and next I knew, my alarm went off! This last effort of turning down the temperature with the thermostat truly worked for me. I’m so grateful to have an HVAC system that’s efficient and capable of helping me fall asleep.