I have risked so much

My neighbour and I decided to throw a celebration for the kids in our neighbourhood. It was neither a birthday nor Christmas celebration, but multiple of the children in our neighbourhood are from terrible families and seldom get the opportunity to have fun with their buddies. We prepared loads of sandwiches and drinks, and several couples contributed cakes. Balloons, paper cups and party favors galore came courtesy of the P.T.A., who also provided the tunes. Every child, and even some adults really got into the celebration! Things got off to a pleasant start at about 5PM that night. Almost every child in the neighborhood was present. It was Spring and the weather was still quite cool, thankfully. Though the space we had the party in was pretty spread out, there were so many guests that the A/C was struggling to keep up with the body heat. My neighbour and I tried to persuade one of the parents (who happens to be an HVAC technician) to check out the unit. He installed it himself allegedly, and he claimed there was no way it already had problems. Still, he decided he would check it out, just to be sure. It was almost eight o’clock by now, and the children were dancing and really letting loose. That was also when there was a change in the temperature, and the space began to heat up fast. I watched as multiple mothers dabbed the mascara running from their eyes, swearing into the air for ruining their makeup. Clearly the A/C had stopped working. Frantic, I went to check out the A/C myself, only to find that the HVAC tech had left the party. What a jerk!

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