I have some close friends

My fiance in addition to my family absolutely adore our new Victorian Cottage. The people I spend time with an addition to my family have been residence in this Victorian cottage for over a decade. One of the best features of our Victorian Cottages, happens to be the landscape area. When the river near our Victorian Cottage starts to freeze over in the middle of the winter season, there is easily several beautiful pictures to be taken. There are many birds that will break into song on our property, which makes for a cozy spring morning or fall afternoon. Well there has not been very much snow or ice recently, the people I was with an addition to several of my friends have had very cold temperatures. The ground is Frozen like and iceberg, in addition to the fact that the temperatures have been close to several digits. A few weeks previously, there was a terrible cold front that easily came into the area. The gas furnace in the basement of our Victorian Cottage stopped working, so we had to contact the gas furnace repair shop. The people in addition to myself or sad to find out that the gas furnace needed to be replaced. It was only about 9 years old at the time, and addition to the fact that we easily thought the gas furnace thought it would last for a few more years. The modern gas furnace in our Cottage has easily kept us much warmer, so it’s easy to tell how bad our Old Furnace actually had been.