I need to point this heater somewhere else

I’m moving out of my parents house next week at last! I’m incredibly excited and the day can’t come soon enough for me. My parents have given me a lot of advice for how to comfortably live on my own, and my mother has made sure to remind me plenty of times about making sure that I scrub up my new place often to keep it free of bugs and germs. My father, on the other hand, has given me a lot of practical advice. He has given me a lot of energy saving tips to make sure that I can keep my utility bills under control. I never considered a lot of these important lessons before, but I’ve taken the majority of them to heart. I know they’re only trying to look out for me and make sure I save as much money as I can! On top of reminding me plenty of times to be certain I change my heating and a/c filter regularly, I was told to have the A/C and Heating unit serviced by a technician often! I never considered that I even needed to change the air filters, so I’m honestly quite glad that they’ve mentioned all this important grown-up stuff to me. There’s a few minor energy saving tips that they’ve shared, but they struck me as common sense. I’m unquestionably going to take all of their advice with me and perhaps pass them on to any future friends or family that are curious about the important parts of residing in a place on your own. Hopefully things continue working out with this girl I’ve been seeing though, and she might be able to move in when she finishes her degree. I’m just so eager to chase the family dream, I can’t help it!

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