I really don’t need a duct system

A few days ago I bought plus revamped a little building. I set up the space to be a fitness studio plus planned on doing classes the next week. I am going to push back those dates on getting classes up and going since the studio is not yet done. I totally forgot about setting up an air conditioning. When doing a work out, A/C is really needed. If you get too warm, you can pass out or slip on those sweaty feet. Next, who wants to pay for a fitness class plus be covered in sweat when they being? Even if the ladies did not want a/c, I wanted it for when I worked out. The delay is really due to me not setting up my fitness studio smart. I picked out the area for the powder rooms plus had a plumbing contractor set it up. I then got my work out equipment, desk plus unit all set up. By the time I thought about the A/C equipment, the whole place was filled. I had an air conditioning person at my studio plus he was not happy with me. He wanted to put the A/C system where my powder room was. Due to the powder room being all sealed off, that won’t work anymore. He now is telling me that central air conditioning is no longer any kind of choice for me. I have to go with a less good ductless mini split air conditioner. The guy wants to put the ductless A/C unit right above my desk too. It will look so bad there.