I think a cleaning would help the heating unit

I live in the northernmost part of the country, & the people I live with experience long & snowy Winter seasons.  My absolute favorite Winter season activity is skiing. Every Winter season, a bunch of my coworkers & I rent a cabin in the mountains & spend about two weeks skiing.  It’s usually a great time. Last year, unfortunately, I got hurt on the first day of the trip. I fell off my skiis, & ended up spraining my ankle. It swelled up, turned an ugly shade of green, & I was in excruciating pain.  I knew I wouldn’t be skiing the rest of the trip. Ironically I still managed to have a absolutely good time. Although I was alone at the cabin all day, I enjoyed myself. The cabin was equipped with a state-of-the-art gas furnace, so I was cozy and warm.  Despite outside temperatures in the low twenties & constant snowfall, the heating program kept the cabin sizzling & snug. I spent my time seeing tv shows, studying, napping & just enjoying my time off work. Because the heating program was linked to a control component with remote access, I found I didn’t need to get up off the couch to make changes to the settings.  When my friends would return from the slopes at the end of the day, they would habitually open & close the door and would let in a lot of cold air. Fortunately, the heating program flaunted something called bendy-speed technology. This allows the device to automatically change speed to meet demand. Instead of switching between blasts of overheated air at maximum capacity & then shutting completely off, the heating program continued to produce a steady, more gentle heat.  This helped to avoid unwelcomed temperature fluctuations & ensured uninterrupted comfort.