I would love a new furnace

The past few years the unemployment rate has escalated more than any other time in history. Making matters worse, is the fact  that almost everyone is over qualified! Hundreds of people have college degrees, but can’t find work. I was sure I was going to be looking for a long time, although I seemed to have gotten lucky! I found a job in the tech field and I work for a great company. I work with a good group of people and we are all  in cubicles in a large open space. At first working there was absolutely amazing. It was a lot of work and we spent long hours working on a project. When I got home, I truly didn’t feel well. I thought maybe I was coming down with something but never suspected it came from work. The next few days, when I got to the office I was good the first hour, then the furnace clicked on and I became sick to stomach. Later in the day, after sitting in the climate controlled space, I got the worst headache ever!  My heart sank, it came to me that it was something in the heating vents. I have always had pretty bad allergy symptoms but knew how to avoid the triggers. I didn’t want to say anything, for fear of losing my job, however it only got worse each day. I knew if I said anything about the filters, my boss might perceive me as weak. But, then my boss came up to me and asked if I was feeling ok. He thought I looked terrible. I said I had allergies and that they were bothering me. When he asked me what I thought it was,  I was able to explain about the dust and such that was probably in the HVAC system.

heating unit