I’m getting better with air quality

Over the weekend I frequently am employed at a Dipson movie Theater. I like motion pictures & I like the option to make some extra currency. I am able to peek in on the new motion pictures as they play & odoring freshly popped corn all day is no hardship. Every now & then the shoppers get to me, to be honest with you. They complain about the weirdest & dumbest things. I had a tiny little girl all over me about putting reduced fat butter oil on her pretzels. She was livid that all of us somehow did not carry such a thing. I also had a guy outright scream at me that his yellow slushie was somehow  too frozen & had not enough flavor. The best complaint I ever had personally, was about the a/c in the theater. The guy wanted me to entirely lower the amount of cooling going in the theater. Do I happen to look like a Heating, Ventilation & A/C specialist? Do I look like someone who controls the control component personally for the theater? I’m not the manager, I’m a lowly front desk clerk! I don’t even suppose what type of cooling method all of us have. I would say the whole building has an industrial sized centralized cooling system. That would imply that the cooling method then has HVAC ducts that extend outward to each motion picture. Every motion picture playing has the same amount of AC, we can’t adjust them independently. That seems the easiest to set & also to have cooling repair done to it. The guy wanted me to alter the single temperature in just his motion picture. I literally did not have the power & even if I did, I was not going to change the cooling system for him.

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