I’m going to put a new heat pump in

I had recently just turned fifty-one years old, and am starting to go through menopause. At different times in daytime, I get super overheated. It happens abruptly, and I simply start to sweat without doing any work. It only lasts for a few minutes, but by then, my clothes and hair are all covered in sweat. The heat strokes happen most often during the night time. I constantly switch from sweating to shivering, all night time long. I switch between huddling beneath the blankets, and throwing them off. I have looked into different types of medication to fix my problems, but they all have horrible side-effects. My mother gave me the idea to have a ductless heat pump installed within my bedroom. It has been a very rewarding investment, and it has definitely worked better than medication. The small pump offers both heating and cooling ability, and it operates from my phone. While lying around the house, I can switch between air conditioning and heating with the touch of one button. I’m able to adjust the air conditioning, and the heat pump is always strong enough to quickly change the temperature to comfort me. My ductless temperature pump is super tiny, and perfect to install. The indoor unit is just smaller than seven inches deep. It is super easy to mount on any wall in the house. It connects to your outdoor HVAC unit through a three-inch hole in the house wall. The HVAC business I contracted was good enough that they could assemble and install it in less than a six hours. There was little to no mess, and no major construction was needed. Now, I can change the temperature in my room without impacting my family in the other rooms in the building. Because of the ductless heating pump, I am way more comfortable and sleep much better.

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