I’m okay with this

Over the weekend I work at a gigantic filmflex. I’ve actually been employed there since I was about 12 years old. I don’t think I should have been working at that point, but the owner happens to be my great Uncle, so he let it slide. It’s not the worst gig. I love films and I love to make some extra money. I am able to go over and peek in on the up-to-date films and nice hot chips all afternoon is no major hardship. Every now and then the clients get to me, though.. I’m not the most personable employee, probably. They come up and complain about the weirdest and dumbest things, and I tend to lose my mind. I had a girl all over myself and others about putting reduced fat butter on her bucket of corn. She was livid that the people I was with and I did not happen to carry such a thing… which would have to be invented first. The best complaint I ever had was about the central a/c in the theater. The man wanted myself and others to leave my post and lower the amount of cooling going in the theater. Do I look similar to a Heating, Ventilation, and A/C serviceman? Do I look to you as if I’m someone who controls the temperature control for the theater at large? I don’t even think what particular type of cooling system the theater and I have. If I had to guess, I would say the whole building most likely has a centralized cooling system; that makes it even worse! The cooling system then has air ducts that extend to each film, meaning every film playing has the same amount of AC. The man actually wanted myself and others to alter the temperature in just his one film. I literally did not have the power and did not even think for one moment where to go. Even if I did, I was not going to.  

cooling system