Karate studio set-up

When my kids were little, I decided to find an activity that we could all enjoy together. I had always loved learning about hand-to-hand combat Sports, so my kids and I took classes at the YMCA for kickboxing. The kickboxing classes were fun for the kids and they were fun for me too. We spent a few months at the YMCA, while we enjoyed a weekly lesson and access to the gym at all times. When the weather turned warmer, we realized that the cooling component didn’t work well at the YMCA. The cooling component barely kept the air chilly, and most of the time the cooling component was out putting some warm air. It was entirely important for the cooling component to work well, because the kickboxing Studio was often humid. With no heating, ventilation, and cooling component to help, the smell in the kickboxing gym was unbearable. Finally, the YMCA was getting a lot of complaints from all of the members. They decided to completely overhaul the entire Heating and Cooling component, which had the YMCA closed down for a week’s time. When the YMCA reopened, my kids and I were ready to attend our first kickboxing class. The cooling component worked much better than ever before, and I was actually shivering when we were sitting still. It’s a good thing that our kickboxing class Keeps Us busy and focused, because the cooling system might otherwise have me freezing from not moving around. The kids and I have enjoyed learning about the different types of hand-to-hand combat, and it’s been a fun learning experience.

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