Looking for a new heater

A funny thing happened to me at my usual task today. I am employed by a local Heating and A/C contractor and my partner and I handle commercial Heating and A/C systems mainly. Recently we have gotten a few residential buyers also. It’s been slow recently around town, because it’s the middle of Springtime and the weather is delightful. The two of us have been finally working on Heating and A/C tune-ups around town for most of the week. My partner and I were scheduled to perform several Heating and A/C tune-ups yesterday at routine clients. Two of them were inside of industrial buildings way downtown, and the final several appointments were in the subdivisions at residential houses. Joe and I managed to complete both of the commercial jobs by lunch time. The two of us stopped by a local cafe since we had two hours before our next appointment. Joe and I were sitting in the restaurant enjoying a snack when the people I was with and I heard a loud crashing and scraping sound in the kitchen. A few seconds later, the supervisor came out tensely to alert the patrons that everything was fine. He said a Heating and A/C duct had collapsed in the kitchen, at which point Joe and I offered to help them out. They hesitated at first, until the people I was with and I showed them our HVAC contractors license. Joe and I cleared up the mess, and reassembled the ductwork in the wall. The supervisor of the store was ecstatic for our quick and kind help. Joe and I still go to the restaurant after our jobs each day, but now the people I was with and I get free pop and pie.

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