Our new home is awesome

When my hubby brought back to our house a new puppy I was not happy with him. He was in the doghouse that night.  Both of us already had 1 animal to care for & I was the 1 responsible for caring for that 1. Now I had apparentlly double the responsibility & didn’t know how I was ever going to manage.  Our older animal was insistent upon consistently walking outside twice a day & I barely had time for that with my work schedule, let along training a puppy, then one of the toughest things to teach the tiny little 1 was going outside to do his business.  Each and every time he had to go he would rest by the door, but, when I walked over and opened it, he would go to the residing room & go potty there instead. I knew he understood the concept of going outside to do his work, even though he just hated to go through the door.  I saw that if I did manage to get him outside he simply yanked on his leash and ran in the direction of the lake house the entire time. I finally figured out his major issue; our animal did not care about to be away from the wonderful indoor comfort of the Heating & Air Conditioning system.  The lawn under his feet & the scorching outdoor temperatures from the sun were entirely frightening to him. I almost hated to tell him that this was going to change anyways. Our lifestyle included outdoor walks & bathroom facilities for our pets, so he would just have to get over his love for a/c & carpeted floors when it came to these things.

A/C unit