Promoting air quality

Because of the weather in our area, entirely few homeowners bother with central cooling systems.  Most people get along with either open windows as well as box fans or portable A/Cs. I always assumed that portable A/Cs were a complete waste of currency.  They look so ugly hanging out of the window as well as totally destroy the view. Although it was often hard to sleep because of the summertime heat as well as humidity, I was pleased to struggle with electric fans.  There are lots of disadvantages to running a bunch of portable fans. They are unappealing, loud, as well as draw a fantastic deal of electricity for entirely too little a result. They also blow dust as well as other pollutants around as well as fail to easily cool the air.  Plus, with the windows open, there’s a constant influx of bugs, pollen as well as exhaust fumes. There’s also the security risk. When portable A/Cs went on sale last Springtime, I finally bought one. I couldn’t expect the improvement to comfort! The portable A/C is appealingly compact, lightweight, as well as not terribly unappealing.  It operates quietly as well as features a wireless remote, which lets me make adjustments without getting out of bed. I can raise or lower the fan rate, change the temperature setting as well as even combat humidity. As the cooling unit circulates the air, it actively filters, trapping airborne contaminants as well as keeping our kitchen cleaner as well as healthier.  I now sleep so much better, as well as wake up with a lot more energy. The A/C was not all that expensive, as well as yet it has made a sizable impact on the comfort as well as enjoyment of our home. Next time portable A/Cs go on sale, I’m going to buy many more.

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