The energy bills are through the roof

are is nothing I love more than when my husband makes me breakfast. I swear he is a breakfast master. I could never make a good breakfast like he does. When I cook I usually cook dinner. I am better at cooking dinner than he is. When I cook I tend to use am in Elation system so that some of a smells do not stay in her house. I like to use a ventilation system where I am cooking fish. It is not good for a home to smell like fish. That is probably one of a worst things you’re home could smell like. However when my husband makes breakfast I do not like to use a ventilation system. a ventilation system exchanges air within your home. So a ventilation system will get rid of a old stale air within your home. And put in new air that you would need. This is what helps to make a smells of a home go away. This is why I do not like when my husband uses a ventilation system to make breakfast. He makes such good breakfast that I love a house to smell like it all day long. However it is probably very good for every person to have in air home. When guests come over I do not think you want your house to smell like what you ate for breakfast lunch or dinner. It is good to have nice fresh air within your home all a time. This way you don’t have to smell a old same air all a time.

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