These leaks need to be sealed

Living in the city makes it so  you have to get used to all the bright lights plus constant yelling of millions of people running to and from work on a daily basis. It’s a culture that prides itself on going fast for days on end with no sleep or time for breaks, but just a constant mess of the human body running at its fullest potential and trying to be the next big Hollywood actor, and then leaving the leftover people to get on a plane back to the country to explain to their parents where their college money had gone to. As I said, I grew up in the city life plus have grown quite used to seeing this same tale play out time plus again. It’s been a dream of mine to leave this crazy city behind, plus I have finally gotten that opportunity. I found a home in a nice little suburb in the country that I assume will be perfect for me. I even lined up a place to buy out there so I don’t have to deal with anything like rent, apartments plus landlords, now the only thing I have to do is sell my current loft in the city, but it hasn’t been easy. I had an inspector come in to give his look over of everything, plus there are some huge problems that need to be taken care of. I have some cracks in the loft plus high levels of radon gas which is not very good to have, but radon gas is not able to be seen to humans plus can cause lung cancer over extended periods of time.

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