This is unbearable

I honestly hated everything to do with camping as a child.  I felt it was some sort of medieval torture designed to ruin my weekends.  My family loved this activity and I never really knew why. When I married and had children of my own, I tried to plan all of our vacations so that we could stay in hotels or rented cottages that included all the amenities I wanted, including climate control. When my girls got bigger, I became a Girl Scout leader and never gave a thought to the fact that I would have to go camping with them.  I knew our sons went camping, and I was okay with that, however for some reason, the of the girls camping, just didn’t occur to me. When I received information about a weekend jamboree, the girls were very excited.They couldn’t wait to go camping. That’s when the dreaded word camping finally sunk into my brain. I pictured tents, with girls who were afraid of the dark. I pictured sleeping on the ground, with millions of bugs attacking me.  I pictured poison ivy, and looking like someone used my fair to mop a floor all weekend. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the tents, were in fact, cabins!. We happened to arrive a day early, and we had the campground to ourselves. I had the girls settled in for the night when the camp ranger came through and said that we couldn’t camp there. A bear had been sighted in the area and he also told us that it was going to drop to near thirty degrees and there was no heat in the cabins aside from a small wood stove. When he suggested that we sleep in the main hall that night I was delighted. We  had a heating system, and a fireplace. We didn’t have to cook over an open fire, and there were indoor bathrooms. Even with the heating it still got chilly that evening, however we had a great time.

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