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My hubby as well as myself are in like with our home. We have lived in the beach apartment for an equal number of years, as well as everyone of us have enjoyed the views. The back patio has a Charming view of a nice babbling stream that runs by our place. During the cold winter weather, this stream gets extremely icy as well as looks like a beautiful landscaped picture. My own dining window views this stream also, so every one of us have a pristine view of the tiny water trickling down the ice tubes. Every one of us have a lanai behind the house, where everyone of us will sit with our coffee in the morning as well as listen to the numerous types of birds singing a song around our yard. Everyone of us love listening to the birds, even when it is very cold outside. Everyone of my friends will sit on the porch under a wool blanket, while sipping a steaming cup of tepid chocolate. It’s a wonderful place to sit as well as view the sunset. This past winter weather has been equally cold, but the two of us equally haven’t seen much accumulation. The ground as well as many of the oak trees are frozen solid, though there has been very little snow to speak of. Everyone of us are happy hour oil furnace is working properly. A few weeks ago, the oil furnace stopped working as well as every one of us had to contact the heating as well as A/C supplier. We waited numerous days to have the oil furnace repaired, but now the oil furnace is absolutely working.

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