This new toilet is awesome

I lived with my parents for 23 years, now I am on my own. I miss spending time with my parents. However, it was worth getting out of that house and away from the water. At my parent’s house, we had well water. The water is pumped underground to the hot water tank. The hot water tank should clean the water before it comes out of the faucets. Since well water is so full of sediment through, the water tank could not do it. There is a part called an anode rod that is meant to catch the sediment. Everytime my parents got a new hot water tank, a few months would go by before my dad had to take out the rod. We would always know when it was time to get rid of the anode rod too. The water would smell like rotten eggs, then turn scalding hot. Even the water in the toilet would get super hot. Then my father would rip out the rod, void our water heater warranty, and dump bleach down the pipes. For weeks the water out of the fixtures would smell like bleach. It would take it forever to cycle out. Then, with no rod, the water would be full of sediment. This makes your hair frizz, soap not to lather and strains all the plumbing fixtures. Even our dentist notice that with brushing our teeth with the water was staining them. I am in a new place now that uses town water. It is a whole new world not having to worry about these things.

hot water hookup