This weather is hot and wet

I’ve had it with the chilly weather and the high costs of heating.  After a lousy, chilly and rainy warm season, the fall temperatures were so low I was forced to run the heater.   First, I turned up the thermostat and activated the furnace. Since then, the thing has been running steadily. For the past five months I’ve had the windows shut tight, and the same air has been continually circulating.  My house feels dry, musty, dirty and unpleasant. Cleaning, scrubbing, dusting and vacuuming don’t seem to make any difference. The heater is blowing dry, dusty air into every single room, twenty four seven. Without some fresh air, there’s no way to vent the house.  I have considered contacting a HVAC business and investing in some type of air quality accessory. I’ve done research into air cleaners, humidifiers and ventilation systems. I’m not sure what type of air quality component would be the best. I’m dealing with airborne contaminants, a lack of humidity, fumes, and overly stale air.  I think that any one of these products would greatly improve the comfort and health of my home, while also trimming my quarterly bills. I just keep thinking the winter season has got to be nearly over. It’s the middle of April, and the weather should be warming up. I’m hoping to open the windows and solve the problem. Instead, temperatures are still in the mid-thirties, and I’ve got no choice but to keep relying on the heater.  With the high cost of quarterly bills, I’m reluctant to spend even more currency on indoor comfort.