We forgot about the A/C installation

I have taken karate my entire life and it was my dream to get into my own studio. I bought the perfect space too. I got a large studio with high ceilings and right in the middle of town. I also got brand new mats installed in the place, new bags and bought all the current headgear and pads. I was all set to have lessons in my studio. After a week of lessons I realized that I forget a major item in karate. I forget to install an air conditioner in my new space. Not having any AC in the middle of Summer is horrible. My students are covered in sweat by the end of the lesson. I am only teaching and I am a sweaty beast. Also I can’t push anyone to be better with no cooling. The students are sluggish, tired and cranky after going so long without any AC. The adult classes I teach are just as bad. The ladies in my self defense class don’t want to roll around on the floor due to being super sweaty. I need to invest in a quality cooling system to get things back on track. However, I have spent all my money. I either need to return something, take out a loan, or just hope the students stick around without any A/C. I want a ductless mini split air conditioner. Those AC systems don’t come cheap though. I would have to teach a lot of lessons or return a lot of stuff. I think I might end up taking out a loan.