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My wife and I love our home. We have lived here for thirteen years. Our backyard overlooks a beautiful babbling brook. In the winter, the brook ices over and creates a pretty landscape. My kitchen window has a view of the brook, too. I love to see the trickles of water cascade down the ice. I have a small porch outside of the house, and I often sit watching the birds. It can be cozy to have a steaming cup of hot chocolate, warm blanket, and view of the sunset. This winter has been very cold, but we haven’t had very much snow. Everything is frozen solid, including the ground and the tree. We haven’t seen very much wildlife, because the temperatures have been so cold. Last weekend, the oil furnace needed to replaced. We spent money on oil furnace repairs over the last three years. When the oil furnace stopped running, we decided to replace it. My wife called the local furnace repair and supply firm. They scheduled an appointment and talked about our options. We had so many problems with the oil furnace, and we decided to upgrade to an electric furnace. I hope we will finally be able to see a decrease in our monthly utility bills. I hope the new electric furnace will work well for a very long time. It was expensive to change our system. Our HVAC contractor assured us that the new furnace will save us money and heat our home more effectively. We still have a few more months of cold weather, so we will be able to see the difference.

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