We’re dealing with a lot here

My child goes to a very expensive boarding university in the east. They have been experiencing some very terrible uneven temperatures already this winter. She is always complaining to me about how chilly she is in her room. The only upside to this chilly spell is that her pollen irritations get a chop from the Springtime and summertime weeks. She is the most irritated during that time. The only thing that can affect her all year long is mold, but mold is pretty containable and I do not expect her to be having too several issues with the tuition I pay for her environment. Well. apparently, I was wrong. She called me from the dentist’s office on Wednesday with an extreme dust sensitivity attack. She had no plan what set it off. I know that they have been running the Heating, ventilation & A/C unit non-stop with the chilly uneven temperatures. She told me that temperature control is programmed; however, the heat is on all morning long. I asked the dentist if she knew what the repair schedule was like on their Heating, ventilation & cooling unit. She thought that was a peculiar question to be asking; consequently, I explained that allergens get caught in air filters and then are circulated around the air they are breathing in. If an Heating, ventilation & cooling unit isn’t properly diagnosed and cleaned, mold can vary form. She relayed the information to the headmaster, and would you know I got an iphone call later that morning with a large apology from the headmaster. With a current repair lead, the repair appoint was overlooked. The vents were covered in mold.

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