We’re going to have fun today!

My neighbour and I decided to throw a celebration for the kids in our neighbourhood. It was neither a anniversary nor Christmas celebration, but most of the children in our neighbourhood stem from exhausting families, seldom having chances to have fun with their peers in a stress-free environment. We prepared tons of sandwiches and drinks, and several parents contributed cakes and desserts. Balloons, paper cups and a few decorations came courtesy of some teacher friends too. They also provided the jams and building where the party was held. Plus, we had what every child, and even some adults, so adore – a clown! Things got off to a wonderful start at about five o’clock that evening. Almost every child in the neighbourhood was present! It was Spring, and the weather was cool for a change, but we were taking no chances whatsoever with the temperature conditions slipping out of our control. My neighbour and I personally persuaded one individual, who runs an HVAC repair company, to tune up the Heating and A/C component in the hall we were using for the celebration. At first, he said he had installed that particular Heating and A/C system himself and didn’t believe it needed servicing so soon. He said he would send one of his techs anyway to check it out, mostly to appease us. It was almost late, and the children were dancing and really enjoying themselves when we noticed that there was a change in the temperature. The hall began to feel much hotter, and had no airflow at all. I even noticed that the make-up on the clown’s face was starting to melt. The Heating and A/C system had stopped working! In a panic, I called up the Heating and A/C company to find out if the component had been checked on by any of his service men. Imagine my surprise – and animosity towards the business owner – when he said no one checked on it..

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