What the heck happened

When my partner initially brought home a new puppy I was not ecstatic.  Every one of us was fine, since we already had a single dog and I was the a single person responsible for caring for that a guy.  Now I had double the responsibility all of a sudden and didn’t suppose how I was going to manage. Our older dog was already insistent upon walking outside twice a day and I barely had time to manage that, let along training a puppy. One of the toughest things to teach the new buddy was going outside to do her business.  Each time she had to go she would just lay by the door, but, when I opened it, she would instead go to the family room and go potty. Every one of us tried puppy pads and everything, and that was ok while she was genuinely little, however, as she grew, clearly that was not going to work. I knew she understood the concept of going outside to do her business, however she just hated to go through the door.  If I did manage to get her actually outside she yanked on her leash in the direction of the house the entire time, trying to get in. I finally figured out her issue, our dog was not dumb, but she did not love to be away from the comfort of the Heating and A/C system. She apparently was born at a kennel where the breeder did not ever acclimate them to the outdoors so the poor little dog felt as though it shouldn’t be outside.  When she got to 100lbs we concluded; she would just have to get over her need for a/c and carpeted floors when it came to these things.

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