Why did it get so dirty

Over the weekend I work at a movie theater. I love movies and I love to make some extra money. I am able to peek in on the new movies and smelling popcorn all day is no hardship. Every now and then the customers get to me. They complain about the weirdest and dumbest things. I had a girl all over me about putting reduced fat butter on her popcorn. She was livid that we did not carry such a thing. I also had a guy scream at me that his blue slushie was too frozen and had not enough flavor. The best complaint I ever had was about the air conditioning in the theater. The man wanted me to lower the amount of cooling going in the theater. Do I look like a HVAC technician? Do I look like someone who controls the thermostat for the theater? I don’t even know what type of cooling system we have. If I had to guess, I would say the whole building has a centralized cooling system. The cooling system then has ductwork that extends to each movie. Every movie playing has the same amount of AC. I am thinking the thermostat reads the temperature for the whole building. That seems the easiest to set and have cooling service done to it. The man wanted me to alter the temperature in just his movie. I literally did not have the power and didn’t even know where to go. Even if I did, I was not going to change the cooling over one guy’s complaint.

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