Why is everyone getting sick?

I’m moving out of my parents’ house next week. I’m incredibly happy and the day cannot come sooner. My parents have given me a lot of advice for how to comfortably live on my own. My mother has made sure to remind me plenty of times about cleaning up after myself so the new digs stay clean. My father, on the other hand, has given me a lot of practical advice. He has given me a lot of energy saving tips to make sure that I can keep my energy costs as low as I can. I never really considered a lot of these lessons as important in the past, but I’ve taken a lot of them to heart because he is really only trying to look out for me. If he can make sure I save as much money as I can, it will give him peace of mind. He has also reminded me plenty of times to make sure that I change my heating and a/c filters on a regular basis. My AC and Heating units will operate at peak functionality if I do! I never really considered that I even needed to change the heating and a/c air filters, so I’m incredibly thankful that he brought up all of this information to me before I moved out. There are also a few minor energy saving tips that he had told me that I considered obvious, but I get the importance of conveying them. I’m going to take all of their advice with me and perhaps pass them on to any future friends or family. Who knows, I might end up like my dad and tell my son to do these things one day

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