Working hard on our air ducts

A funny thing happened to me at work today. I work for a local HVAC contractor. We handle commercial HVAC systems mainly, but we have a few residential clients also. It’s been slow recently, because it’s the middle of spring. We have been working on HVAC tune-ups for most of the week. My partner and I were scheduled to perform four HVAC tune-ups yesterday. Two of them were inside of industrial buildings downtown, and the final two appointments were residential houses. It was a typical spring day. The bluebirds were humming a melodious tune, and the sky was a bright blue color. The sky was spotted with white puffy clouds, and the weather was quite nice. It was about 75 degrees all day, with a light breeze. Bill and I managed to complete both of the commercial jobs by lunchtime. We stopped by a local cafe for coffee and a sandwich. We had two hours before our next appointment, so we decided to sit down and eat in the restaurant. Bill and I were sitting in the diner, when we heard a loud crashing sound in the kitchen. A few minutes later, the manager came out to alert the customers that everything was fine. An HVAC duct had collapsed in the kitchen.  Bill and I offered to help them out, since we had some time to spare. They hesitated at first, until we showed them our contractors license. Bill and I cleared up the mess, and reassembled the ductwork. The manager of the store was happy for our quick help. Bill and I still go to the diner, but now we get free coffee and pie.