A busy day

When I went to switch on my central cooling system two weeks ago for the first time this year, tragedy struck, my cooling system was not working properly.  On this very same day I received a flyer in the mail for this new heating and cooling company in town. They were advertise a special discount for new customers on any service.  I am all for a good deal! So instead of calling my usual trustworth HVAC technician I decided to call this new company. When the HVAC technician arrived at the house he was polite, but he also acted like this is the last place he wanted to be.  He went straight working inspecting my cooling system. When an hour had gone by and he was still working I thought this was a little odd but decided he must just be trying to be thorough. Another hour went by and I decided this was taking too long so I went to go check on the HVAC technician and I found him sitting next to my HVAC system talking on the phone and it did not sound like it was a work call, it was definitely a personal call.  He didn’t even seem phased when I caught him talking on the phone while he was supposed to be fixing my cooling system. When he finally got off the phone he told me what was wrong with my cooling system and that it was an easy fix. He repaired my cooling system and it seemed to be running great. When he handed me my bill of 585 dollars I was stunned I asked him if this was with the new customer discount and he assured me it was. I have never had a HVAC repair bill so high before!  Later that same day my cooling system stopped working again. This time I will be calling my usually HVAC technician. Never go with someone you don’t trust when it comes to your HVAC system!

pipe doc