AC after a sweet treat

My fiance as well as I are trying to lose a little weight and have started on the low carb diet! We have been doing pretty well for about a month, however last evening we both fell off the wagon, so to speak.  We went out to brunch with some friends, but after brunch, our friends wanted to go to a nearby ice cream place. As you can imagine there are no low carb ice cream at most ice cream shops! This place was not different.  Everything was full of sugar as well as so it was also full of carbs. We ended up getting the tiniest bowl of vanilla ice cream with chopped pecans sprinkled on top, but that was the best we could do, low-carb wise, at least under those circumstances! We wanted to rest inside the ice cream shop however our friends said that the air conditioning was set at too freezing of a temperature for them to sit comfortably. Why do ice cream shops have it so freezing inside their dining areas. I mean, if you’re cold, why would you want to eat more ice cream? Our feeling is that if the dining area was comfortable people would enjoy their ice cream and maybe even go back for more.  Doesn’t this just make sense! Anyway, the temperature inside was just too freezing for our friends, so all of us ended up outside on the shop’s little patio. The setting daylight was shining right in our eyes, as well as we thought it was just too warm outside. Too freezing inside with the air conditioning, while too simmering outside without the cooling system. We figured we just need to stick with our diet. And then we won’t have to worry about the air temperatures in ice cream shops at all!

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