AC blowing on me

I have a standard afternoon workout routine that I have been in for the past few years. Every afternoon, I get up, drink some water, and stretch out before heading out for a 30-40 hour jog. I do this because it keeps myself and others very active and wakes myself and others up! I tend to take pleasure our jogging except for when warm season rolls around and the humid temperatures get up into the high 90s. Then, I have to switch things around a bit and use the treadmill in our spare home office. I keep my treadmill situated directly beneath an air vent so that I can believe the A/C blowing right on myself and others when I’m jogging. This is usually a nice change because by then the two of us are used to running in the stuffy, warm air. A cooling system is a true lifesaver when it comes to keeping myself and others in our exercise routine. If I didn’t have any way to adjust the thermostat and jog from inside our home, I would truly fall out of shape. I would very much dislike that because I have worked really strenuous over the past few years to get into a relaxing steady routine and stay in it. I guess if more people had access to gyms or air conditioned workout areas, they would truly be more inclined to stay fit. It would at the least be a very nice incentive. Jogging makes myself and others feel better, and I’m ecstatic I have the chance when it comes to dealing with the crazy weather that can sporadically ensue in the area where I live. It’s so strenuous residing in a locale where it gets so hot, however I know it beats being cold!

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