AC device when having ice cream

Wednesdays are the best! They are my day off from work and I get to lose myself in my regular routine. Every Wednesday, I wake up, I make breakfast, and then I read the news online.  Then after a small lunch, I go to my regular Wednesday haunt, the Rockin Chair Theater to catch a new film. I have always loved films and even studied them in college, and that’s why I enjoy seeing a newly released film every week.  However, this past Wednesday was the only time I did not enjoy my film routine because about halfway through the movie, it felt as if the air conditioning went out. I felt nothing but warmth and everyone in the entire theater was perspiring, making me seriously uncomfortable so I went to ask a staff member about the A/C system, but all they would say was that they had an HVAC company on the way. Knowing this, I decided to leave the theater early because there was no way that I could enjoy the rest of the movie without a working A/C, so instead, I opted to go get some ice cream, and although I hated that I couldn’t finish the movie, I thoroughly enjoyed my ice cream and what made it even better was that I was able to enjoy it in a cooled location that had a nice A/C unit! Hopefully, by this coming weekend the theater will be different. I genuinely want to finish that movie if it’s still playing, so I hope the A/C gets fixed and is back in perfect shape by then. If not, I will just have to see the movie at home until the A/C unit is back in full working order, I might have to find a new way to keep my Wednesday routine going

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