All of my family members agree

Ever since our little brother got engaged he has been talking about an outdoor wedding venue.  For this reason, when they chose a May date, I was worried. His fiance kept saying that the trees would be in full bloom as well as she wanted that as their backdrop for the pictures.  There was a private area in the country that had a beautiful secluded spot up on the top of a small hill that was surrounded by the trees. All of this seemed perfect, but, you can’t typically count on nature going along with your events, and under normal circumstances, the date they chose for their special occasion would have been perfect as far as the trees being in bloom, however, now late April, as well as the trees have barely begun to blossom as well as it doesn’t look like she is going to have her picturesque scenery. With the way the weather has been it will be a wonder if all of us can even be outside during the ceremony.  Some of the guests are fragile as well as if it is too frigid they won’t be able to contend with the unreliable temperatures for that long. As the maid of honor, I took it upon myself to contact the owner as well as see what other arrangements all of us have available in the event of inclement weather! The two of us lucked out, as well as they told myself and others that they had a small cabin that was climate controlled that would be available if needed… Because they had run into this problem in the past they even had large size murals that showed pictures of the cherry blossoms while they were in bloom that our brother as well as his fiance could use while taking pictures. Although this wasn’t their perfect wedding it is assuring to have a backup in case the original  falls through.