Am I clear?

I am not the lucky sort, I knew this before, but I certainly know it now. Ever since I was a young girl, my life has been one long, continuous struggle. I don’t have many positive things to share about my life, and at this point, I’ve come to expect very little from the world. I don’t expect to find money or win the lottery; I won’t be discovered for some peculiar talent; I’m not going to make history doing what I do for a living. Given my growingly pessimistic outlook, I was beyond shocked to receive a call last week that informed me I had one a brand new HVAC system. I answered a iPhone call from an unknown number several weeks ago, & was shocked when the voice on the other end identified himself as an HVAC dealership owner! He said I had won their annual raffle drawing, & I would be receiving a state of the art heating & cooling system at no cost! The process was simple; he would send a ventilation specialist to our residence, they would measure our home & determine which updated furnace, a/c, & thermostat system were best for our  living situation. The installation would begin as soon as the HVAC unit arrived at the shop, and I was ecstatic beyond belief. This came at a perfect time since our ancient heating & cooling unit barely worked to manage our indoor air pollen levels. When the HVAC dealership owner asked for our debit card number to hold on file for the installation, I thought nothing of it. It was only a few afternoons later when I still hadn’t seen a single HVAC worker at our property that I started to think… actually, I didn’t remember ever entering an HVAC raffle drawing.

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