Boiler system tips

I live where the winter is constantly brutal.  Our temperatures fall far below zero. We have a terrible wind chill, and an excessive amount of snow.  It’s almost a necessity to remain inside as much as possible. Living this way makes the heating system extremely crucial.  The oil furnace impacts comfort, safety, health, and budget for many months of the year. We need a heating system that maintains an even temperature, and operates efficiently and reliably.  The cost of heating takes up the majority of the budget, and energy waste is a immense concern. I currently have a forced air gas furnace installed in our home, and I’m very dissatisfied with it.  The furnace uses air to transfer heat, and blows it into the rooms through vents linked to a duct system. As the heated air passes through the duct system, it picks up dust, bacteria and other contaminants, and then spreads them throughout our home.  My family then breathes in these pollutants, putting their health at risk. Plus, when the heated air flows out the vents, it rises straight up to the ceiling. The temperature is really the coldest down near the floor, and in contrast warmer up by the ceiling. This imbalance is uncomfortable and leads to higher thermostat settings and energy costs.  I would rather rip out the HVAC duct and furnace and substitute it with a boiler and radiant flooring. The project probably be messy, require a whole bunch of teardown, and cost my family a small fortune. In the end, however, I’d have a far more advanced heating system, save cash on our quarterly heating bills, and take pleasure in my newly upgraded comfort.  

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