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Air conditioners can sometimes be seen as too pricey to be bothered with for numerous of us, but in my opinion they do so much more for beach house comfort than a fan ever could. No matter how nicely rated or pricey a window or tower fan is, it does not have the power to fully work to cool off your beach house in the warm season. This is simply because much of the discomfort the two of us deal with is not actually from heat, but humidity. Damp air can recognize thick plus heavy. A normal fan cannot combat this, as all it is doing is moving the air around. Fans tend to also lack the ability to scrub the air as they work; you’ll need an whole-house air purifier installed along with the fan in order to remove pollen, dust mites, pet dander, plus harmful mold spores for typical air quality. Your beach house air conditioner proposal includes both of these – the ability to deliver colder, drier air, & a built-in HEPA filter that works to readily trap all of these air contaminants plus keep them from easily entering your house plus causing you plus your family harm over time. Drier air isn’t just more comfortable, but it’s healthier too. Damp air is typically what allows mold to grow, giving the spores that are often travelling right through the air unseen a surface to latch onto. That’s why air conditioners are not a luxury; they are an investment in your family’s overall health that should never be overlooked.

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