Cooling amounts and my insulated cup

My buddy Kim moved away last year. But despite that fact, she regularly remembers my birthday. Just last week, it was my birthday and sure enough, there was a package in the mail from Kim. I took it inside in addition to opened it up. It was a cool insulated coffee cup. It was red but had silver writing on it. The front of the coffee mug read “God Bless My Hot Mess.” She’s such a thoughtful friend; I never remember anyone’s birthday! I used the coffee cup first thing in and was truly amazed at how sizzling hot it kept that coffee. I couldn’t believe how well insulated this cup was. I still had steaming hot coffee multiple hours after I made it in the coffee maker! The problem with this is that I prefer to cool my coffee down. I prefer it to be at a medium or even a lukewarm temperature before I drink it. My favorite thing to do, actually, is heat my coffee up in the microwave and then kneel by a vent with chilly air conditioning blowing through it. There’s something so cozy and almost soothing about sipping coffee while you’re enjoying the air conditioning system. That’s absolutely why most of our favorite coffee shops keep the temperature on their temperature controls turned down quite far. It feels as if the air conditioning is running in those places all the time, even in the dead of winter! Well, with this cup from Kim, I won’t have to worry about heating up my coffee ever again. It will stay really hot for hours, definitely long enough for me to enjoy supper and a book while sitting by the air conditioning.

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