Cooling system and fish aroma

Hunting is one of my partner’s favorite amusements. He goes hunting nearly every Winter and Spring. He always brings back enough game to provide dinner and lunch for a month. Ienjoy that my partner enjoys hunting and that he brings myself and others game all the time. I don’t love to gut the kill because it grosses myself and others out. Whenever he manages to shoot something, it is his job to wash it and cook it. My partner will never admit it, but he is an excellent grillmaster. The only trouble with his obsession with hunting is the stink it creates in our house. Whenever  he cooks something like venison, the house stinks like venison for a week. I am pregnant, so the stink easily attacks me. The only solution both of us have found is utilizing the air purifier for a few hours after he completes his cooking. Somehow, the air purify absorbs the excruciating venison stink. However, the air purifier just stopped running. My partner has been attempting to fix the air purifier in his spare time, but he hasn’t had any luck yet. Our dear friend, Kyle, is coming over this evening, and hopefully he will be able to help my partner fix the air purifier. If both of us can’t get the air purifier fixed, I don’t comprehend what both of us will do. We don’t have any available money at this moment. I am praying that all will turn out well and that our air purifier will be up and running again so that my partner can continue doing what he enjoys.

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