Cooling systems can fall through

I really do love my older brothers, but sometimes they are a bit… misguided. I think they have good intentions, but they are very stupid at times. That’s why I try to take what they say with a grain of salt, and to be a voice of reason in their lives whenever it’s possible. That’s why I’m trying my darndest to convince my oldest brother that his future might not be in the HVAC industry. It’s not that I have any problem with the heating and cooling field, or think poorly of their professional service technicians, so much as I think he has the wrong reasons for developing an interest in the field. You see, he came home one day suddenly saying he was ready to quit his job as a metal worker. I was shocked to hear this statement, since he’s been with the same company for a number of years now. He was insistent, however, and I had to hear what his big plan was. That’s when he told me all about this fancy new heating and cooling certification program that he heard about. Supposedly the schooling process would take only 18 months, and then he would be in the field as an HVAC repair intern. He assured me that he would be the best air quality technician this side of the Mississippi after learning the specifics of furnace and AC repair. He seemed so excited about the ventilation coursework and customer calls that I actually started to think he was making the right decision for a minute there… Until I found out that he had a theory that only eligible women would call a professional HVAC service, and he would be their HVAC hero.

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