Could not go anywhere without the a/c

Me and my pals graduated from high school about a month ago. We are all ready to go to college in different states. We wanted to have one last road trip together, so we planned a 5 state tour. Our tour of the midwest included five different state parks and three landmarks. We were planning the trip for the whole year, so we would have plenty of money. My pals and I have old cars, so we decided to rent a car for our trip. Since none of us are 21 years of age, my father had to cosign and buy the insurance for the rental. They really raked us over the coals! The total price for our rental was just shy of $1,500, for ten days and unlimited mileage. We were just getting to our first stop, when the air conditioner stopped working! It was hot outside, but we were able to roll down the windows for comfort. We went inside a gas station, and came out to find the air conditioner working perfectly again. It was odd, but we weren’t worried because the air conditioner had started working again. The next day, we got up ready for a long day of driving. We had been driving for less than an hour, when the air conditioning stopped working again! This time, the temperature gauge in the car started to skyrocket. We pulled off the road, so I could call my dad for help. We had to call a tow truck too. Luckily, they gave us a new rental car for the rest of the trip.