Discounts are important

I must say, I will never forget the situation we pulled through as a family this last summer season–we had one of the most excruciating heatwaves in recent history in our home town. The temperatures reached over 110 degrees! It was so brutally hot that there was a heat advisory warning people to stay indoors with the air conditioning. We were doing just that just trying to remain cool when our home HVAC system quit working completely! It was pure panic mode after that moment as i was trying to contact all of the local heating, and air conditioning companies. However, they were all backed up for weeks! I went to the stores as well as I couldn’t find a single AC device for sale! They were sold out everywhere I went! In the end, I decided to order a few ductless mini AC units online. I was surprised when I found a few on sale that included the smart temperature control technology. I had them shipped to myself and my family overnight! It wasn’t cheap, however it was worth it! In the meantime, we spent our time driving around with the air conditioning blasting. We only went to locales that we knew had A/C. We ate at restaurants, went to the movie theater’ we actually had a wonderful time as a family in this overheated weather. It was nice being able to enjoy the A/C in these places, however they were sure packed! Everyone wanted to get out of the heat as well. When our smart window air conditioning units arrived to our house, we turned them on before we installed them in the window! I suppose it’s not smart to do that, however it was just so hot! We enjoyed the cold air for awhile. Finally, we shut one off to install it in a window. Then we installed the other one. These little beauties were mighty powerful and energy efficient too!

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