Don’t like uncomfortable HVAC settings

I think it is absolutely absurd that people would deem it reasonable to control someone else’s thermostat. My husband and I resolved to invite people over to our cabin after we had it designed and built. We planned to have friends over at least once a month, and we have met our goal consistently. All of us have had buddies and family over once a month for the past 7 months, and we have enjoyed every second of it! I love to grill, and having folks over means I get to grill even more. My partner comes from a truly hospitable family, so he is superb at entertaining our guest while I am grilling. Our 2 little youngsters take after their daddy, and they love to entertain our guests with their goofy discussions! For the most part, all of us have consistently enjoyed having folks over. That was until we met this delightful couple from church. They were certainly wonderfully sweet people. They were fun to hang out with. However, the partner would consistently gripe that our home was too toasty, so he would turn our temperature control down without even asking us. This was absolutely absurd. I don’t love it when anyone controls the temperature control, especially without asking me or my partner first! Even my children suppose that they aren’t permitted to change the temperature control without asking mommy or daddy first; However, every time, without fail, that all of us invited this family over for supper, my temperature control would end up being set 10 degrees lower than usual. Thankfully, this particular couple decided to move down up North, and I don’t have to deal with the uncomfortable situation of telling them that I don’t desire anyone touching my temperature control.

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