Fall heater system care

It had been a legitimately hot Summer here in the northeast, and now the nights were getting shorter and cooler. Winter was not far away, and my partner and I knew that it was time to have our gas furnace tuned up to get ready. We had a good track record of having our gas furnace checked out every year before the Winter, and the gas furnace would be needed every day to keep us warm.  I called our local HVAC repair company and set up a complete tune up for our gas furnace. Our gas furnace was about 10 years old and had been state of the art when we purchased it. The serviceman said that a high quality gas furnace could last 20 years or more if regularly worked on. He spent an hour and a half or so checking out our gas furnace, cleaning all the components and checking various parts and being sure that everything was in good working order.  The last thing that he did was check the filter for the gas furnace. It was very dirty, and he sort of scolded me on not changing it more often. I promised to do better. He recommended a large hepa filter that would greatly improve the air quality in the whole house. This filter would trap virtually every foreign contaminate that was in the recirculated air. They are quite expensive, but worth every cent. Not long ago, we had added a humidifier to our gas furnace and that made a big difference in the Winter air quality.  So now with a current hepa filter and the fairly new humidifier, we have about the best possible comfort for the Winter.

HEPA filter