Fixing the sink

Every person goes through their first home repair in their first place, and it’s always a hilarious sequence of errors on our part. In my case, I woke up one morning to discover that the kitchen sink had a very weak flow, even with the maximum output selected. This was a time before the internet was full of DIY information like it is today, so I was on my own unless I wanted to call my dad for help. Being the confident, cocky fool I was at the time, I decided to just wing it with the tools I had. My thought was that the pipe must have just needed to be tightened, thinking that it would only required a few twists of a ratchet to make the repair. I was quickly proved wrong, since I made the mistake everyone seems to make when they fix a water pipe: I forgot to close the water valve! As soon as I had the pipe slightly detached, I saw a bunch of water coming out. Again, I wasn’t as seasoned then as I am now. So, I kept undoing the nut that kept the pipes secured in place, until I finally had the pipe leading to the sink totally detached. I was immediately covered by a constant stream of water, which got in my mouth and eyes, temporarily blinding me and making me choke! I swung my arms wildly for a moment, trying to feel for the pipe that was trying to drown me, and I managed to cover the exit with my hand to stop the flow of water. Spitting up water, I realized what a fool I was and reached around for the shut-off valve. With the water flow stopped, I took a deep breath, and decided I should call a professional for help.

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